Helping Hands Foundation was established in 2015 by a group of well qualified working professionals from different areas as a grassroots vacheron constantin overseas replica level organization rolex replica watches by concerned residents of GURUMITKAL(Yadgir Dist) and KALABURGI(GULBARGA) in Karnataka.We are a Non-Governmental/Non-Profit/Non Political Organization which collects and utilizes charity/donations for educational/employment/Social beneficial projects in a transparent and organized manner.

We also collect charity(Zakat money) which will be utilized for Zakat deserving candidates. HHF believes that empowerment of the underprivileged sections through education and employment are sure formula to eliminate poverty, establish social justice and thereby help in the nation building efforts of our country.

We are working in the area called replica rolex milgauss watches Yadgir district, one of the backward district of Karnataka where literacy rate is 52.36% and employment rate is 49%.